5 Natural Stone Restoration Steps

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Natural stone is one of the suitable materials to be used as an addition to the beauty and aesthetics of a room. This is evident from the number of people who use natural stone as a floor or wall decoration.

That’s why it is not surprising that the price of natural stone is not easy, especially if it has a good grade. Especially considering its durability, it certainly makes many people interested in using it.

Even though it has a high level of durability, that doesn’t mean that natural stone can’t be damaged. Because in fact, it turns out that natural stone can also experience scratches or dirt.

To make the stone good again, then the natural stone restoration process can be carried out. This process must of course be carried out by professionals. However, if you want to know about the systematics, you can refer to the following method regarding the process.

Steps in Restoring Natural Stone

Stone restoration means the process of restoring the condition and beauty of a stone through an appropriate process. As we said earlier, this method can only be done by professionals. Because in addition to experience, qualified equipment is also needed. To find out the stages, consider the following steps.


The first stage is to apply the grinding method. But before doing this, you prepare the surface layer of the stone to be restored. When the surface has been prepared, it can only be milled.

This restoration process has the aim of removing or peeling scratches from the surface using mechanical abrasion. This is done to ensure that the surface of the stone can have the same flatness.

That’s why it takes a special tool such as a diamond grinder. By using this tool it will be able to bring up the reflection of light coming from the stone naturally without any coercion from the coating.

In carrying out this process, it must be done carefully, so that it becomes a natural thing if a process like this can only be carried out by experienced and professional parties to achieve the desired result.


The next step is to sharpen the surface of the stone that has scratches. As for doing this, of course, it cannot be done carelessly because it also requires special materials as the main medium.

It is necessary to have water mixed with a fine abrasive. After the mixture is perfect, it can be applied to the part where scratches or damage to stones such as granite are located.

Then on the part that has been given the previous chair mix, it will be sharpened using certain tools. Of course, this process is done to be able to eliminate some small habits as well as the former stains attached to the stone.

So it is not surprising that the results of this sharpening will be much smoother than the layer above it as before. It takes precision to make the results flat like the other parts.


After successfully leveling the surface of natural stone using some of the methods above, the steps are not yet complete to make the process of making the stone perfect. Because several steps must be carried out such as polishing.

The polishing process has the function of being able to restore the luster of the stone that is below the outermost layer. Because we know that color or flash on a stone will certainly continue to fade if it experiences friction for a long time.

In doing this, of course, special materials are needed to be able to restore the original color of the stone. In addition to requiring special materials, of course, the process in its application must also be carried out carefully to create the desired results.

Nat Filling

The next step is to fill the grout in the cracks for the connection. So it takes a special substance to allow you to be able to fill the cracks on the surface of the natural stone.

So this way will make the surface of the natural stone look more real perfectly. Because usually it will be used to cover the surface of the stone that has collapsed and is uneven.


The last step is to do a coating or give a layer on the surface of the stone. There is no need to clarify that the coating process will involve a special material to protect the surface of the stone.

So don’t get me wrong if a reflection of light that appears from a natural stone is due to the result of this coating process. Because this layer only functions as a protector, although some do give a sparkling effect to natural stone.