Decorate your Interior with Artificial Stone Veneer

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Stones have been part of the building structure for decades, as time goes by, the use of stone in buildings has slightly shifted its function into an ornament that adds to the aesthetic value of the building. However, the use of natural stone as a building interior decoration has some drawbacks.

One of the drawbacks is that it is less conventional in the manufacturing process. a solution was found with an innovation, namely artificial stone. The artificial stone is the result of natural stone engineering which has many advantages. Many interesting things can be done with artificial stone, one of which is as an interior decoration.

All About Artificial Stone

Interior decoration plays an important role in comfort in the home. Small touches of interior decoration can change a big thing from the appearance of the house itself. Let’s get to know more about artificial stone and the interesting interior decoration of artificial stone.

  1. The superiority of artificial stone Artificial

stone is made of Portland cement and iron oxide pigments as its coloring material. In addition to the material that is easy to find, artificial stone is usually produced in large quantities. This also makes artificial stone always available in large quantities with a simple manufacturing process. Unlike natural stone, which needs to be transported and sorted as well as the selection of stone types. Artificial stone is also relatively cheap compared to natural stone. The average price of artificial stone is $12,188 while the price of natural stone can reach $48. Artificial stone is also lighter than natural stone which makes the installation process easier than natural stone.

  1. Diversity

Because artificial stone is the result of engineering, there is no limit in shape or color. So that the resulting product is also more varied and not fixated on any shape or color. This engineering also makes artificial stone no different from natural stone by the naked eye. Artificial stone is also very suitable for various design themes such as monochrome, vintage, cottage core, and others. Artificial stone can also be painted, if you have a great idea you can elevate artificial stone even more.

  1. Placement of artificial stone A

room with the right and right color scheme, with perfect interior decoration, can look like a room that gives everyone an atmosphere of joy. The placement of artificial stone can also be adjusted according to individual creativity and taste. One example is in the living room. The living room is a very important part of the interior of a house. Artificial stone will add a lot of character to the interior design, especially in the living room.

The installation of artificial stone with calmer tones will make the atmosphere warmer and more comfortable. This can also add to the comfort of the guests who will come. Another example is to install artificial stone at the entrance of the house. This will create a friendly impression and also welcome future guests. The installation of artificial stone around the swimming pool also gives the impression of being in nature so that it eliminates the boring feeling of a private swimming pool.

Artificial stone is getting more and more popular with the times. In addition to excellence in terms of production, artificial stone also provides freedom of expression for each person while maintaining aesthetic values. In addition to the aesthetic value that can impress family and relatives, the psychological value and energy that can be provided by artificial stone decorations never fail to show a cheerful side.