Getting to know Bali Stone

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Bali is one of the areas in Indonesia that is already known by the majority of countries because it is one of the best tourist destinations. Not only the tourism sector but there are also many interesting things like the Bali Stone.

These objects are much coveted by tourists in addition to being used for souvenirs. In addition, this stone can also be used for various needs. Some of the most common examples are used for decoration on rings and interior and exterior decoration of a building.

In this discussion, we will guide you to get to know more about one of the phenomenal objects that come from Bali. Of the many interesting things that can be discussed, this time we will focus on providing a discussion about typical stones from Bali.

Getting to Know Traditional Tiles from Bali

One example of Balinese culture can be seen through the production of Balinese tiles. Of course, the tiles are made with Balinese stone so they have a uniqueness that makes tourists interested in buying them.

We will introduce you to some examples of typical tiles made using Balinese stone. One example of such tiles is Kerobokan Limestone Tiles – Gray Stone Wall tiles.

Kerobokan limestone is one example of a culture that gives a strong impression of Balinese culture. So it is considered as one of the greatest cultures for the limestone category.

This tile is often used as a beauty enhancer because it has unique characteristics and is different from natural stone in general. You can find this thing if you visit some luxury places in Bali.

Benefits of Using Kerobokan Limestone Tiles

Know that there are so many considerations that can make many people feel attracted to this tile using stone from Bali. One of them is that there are several benefits to using this tile.

  1. The first benefit is that you can get an ornament in the form of natural stone that has a quite striking and beautiful appearance. So it is very appropriate to increase the aesthetic value of a place.
  2. The second benefit is that this stone has a stable temperature. So it will feel comfortable to maintain a temperature whether it is used as a wall or floor decoration. It is not surprising that Bali Stone are very suitable for decoration.
  3. The third benefit is the characteristic of this stone which is anti-skid when used as a floor. So that in addition to maximizing the beauty, of course, the material of this stone can also provide security for pedestrians who step on it.

Getting to Know the Stones from Bali Used for Agate

Agate is an example of jewelry that is unique because it symbolizes a culture, especially from Indonesia. Agate itself has so many variations. One of them is agate from Bali. Get to know some of them as follows.

Bali stone is quite attractive to tourists because they are eyeing jewelry that has an antique impression like agate. That’s why you can find that there are several types of agate from Bali which are the most famous.

Several types of agate that are famous in Bali today are often known as badar stones, serawat kawat, badar gold, and krishna stones. Although Bali is known for its beaches as an icon for foreign tourists, it is possible that you can find many interesting things such as agate.

This stone from Bali is unique because indeed there are mountains so that it can be used as a place to collect the stone by mining it manually.

The Uniqueness of Lava Stone from Bali

Henceforth, you can find out about one of the uniqueness of stone samples originating from Bali. One example is lava rock. It can be seen that there are several unique features of this type of stone, as for the information we describe as follows.

Have a Strong Natural Impression

One of the uniqueness of this natural stone originating from Bali is that it has a strong natural impression characteristic. This can be seen from the pattern which looks quite random. So with a fairly random surface shape regarding the pattern, it certainly strengthens the natural impression.

So by knowing some information related to one of the natural stones from Bali, then you can realize why many people feel interested in owning this natural stone. So you can consider using Bali Stone to increase the value of beauty.