Some Simple Steps of Building a Basic Stone Wall

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Stone becomes one of the building materials that humans have used for such a long time. Throwing back thousands of years ago, humans at that time even already used stone to build many things. The value of stones is really important for human civilization because it is a really strong material.

Throughout the years, this material stands still and even shows us that it is durable even for hundreds and thousands of years. We can still see some ancient buildings that have been built many years ago and it stands still until now.

Understanding Building Material Stones Characteristics

We all know that there are many types of stones that are usually used as building materials including limestone, greenstone, sandstones, traps, granites, and others. Each type of those stone basically has its own characteristics. However, there are some common characteristics those stones have.

The building stones are strong and durable. Those are two characteristics of building stones that answer the question of why ancient buildings are very strong and endure for such a long time. Furthermore, natural building stones have unique patterns and colors that are different from each other stone that is why they are perfect for walling.

Building a Basic Stone Wall

Building a wall stone is hard work to do and it can be done perfectly only by the professional. Unlike brick wall which uses brick as the main material that can be cut easily, the stone is really hard to cut. Once you cut it in the wrong size, you cannot use it anymore. Here are some important steps of building a basic stone wall.

  1. Preparation

This first step is to prepare everything you need in building the stone wall. Start with the location where you will build the wall and prepare all the materials you need. Measure it well to know how many stones you need. In this step, you also make sure if there are lots of stones that are being cut to create a perfect wall.

  1. Foundation

Before you start building the stone wall, you need a strong foundation to make your wall stands still. If you are helped by professionals, they will tell you the best measurements of the foundation. After the foundation is ready, you will have the first layer of stones on your wall.

  1. First and second layers

The first layer of stone wall usually will be filled with larger stones to make sure that the stone wall stands on the strong stones. After the first layer of the wall, the stone is ready, you go with the second layer until the wall is constructed. Make sure to use the right size stone to make the wall looks precise and fine.

  1. Mortar application

To keep the stones stuck to each other, builders usually use mortar. They will apply the mortar evenly around the stones. Applying the mortar cannot be too much or too little because it will affect the appearance of the wall.

  1. Finishing

Building a stone wall is challenging because the shape of stone might be different and it usually comes in different sizes. That is why sometimes it leaves some small spaces on the stone wall. The finishing step is to fulfill those spaces with small stones or mortar. The neatness of mortar is also important because that is how the stone wall looks like.

Those all are some steps of building a stone wall. If you have no experience in building the stone wall, it will be better for you to get help from professionals. Installing a stone wall is expensive and you have to prepare for the maintenance as well.